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Welcome to my personal web site and blog. Some areas of the site still aren’t as complete as I would like them to be, but slowly but surely it will get there. There just never seem to be enough hours in the day and when I do snatch some minutes, I seldom get the desire to get on my computer as Maya, my gorgeous twelve year old daughter is far too alluring! 

Please feel free to 'drop-by' to the site whenever you like. You can also come and see me in my practices which I run in Marylebone, London and Leicester, if you want my help sorting out a health problem. I treat a wide variety of medical conditions, from those that affect your digestion, heart, mind, weight or hormones, as well as supporting and treating patients, young and old with cancer, working alongside eminent Oncologists and Surgeons.

 I also love seeing people who just want some inspiration as to how to eat well and deliciously to maximise their wellbeing and/or to improve their performance-having built up a strong reputation amongst Film Studios, actors, professional athletes and sports professionals for the past two decades.

I believe everyone is unique and I therefore treat you as an individual, taking into consideration all aspects of your health and lifestyle. 

If you can't make it to my practices, you might want to arrange a skype or telephone consultation( see more info on the practice page) or look at my just-launched paperback book GOOD FOOD FOR LIFE or past articles on the Daily Mail, London Times and Observer websites for health and nutritional advice. More details of my other books can be found on the books section on this site. 


There is nothing quite like a weekend spent digging up old flower and vegetable beds, which have for a while been niggling at the back of your mind. The combination of spending hours outside, digging for England and then to reveal newly turned, worm rich soil for the birds to feast upon as the sun sets and I sit with a satisfied smile and a mug of mildly spiced, warming chai tea, has been wonderful.
But this has left me with a bit of a challenge-what to replace them with, now that the ground is bear, but this is a challenge I love to find my mind a-wandering over, as the garden centres and books draw me closer to my decision, with an Italianate feel seeming where I’ll head at the moment, as I longingly look at Box balls and formal structured plants.
This weekend’s great outdoors escapades gave us all a hearty appetite for Mother’s day, as we, along with my mother tucked into slow roasted, treacly skinned pork, served with an apple, pea and toasted hazelnut salad, made all creamy with a perfectly ripe avocado and finely chopped shallots from the garden and steamed new potatoes, tossed in lots of freshly chopped parsley and dill-I went so over the top, but deliciously so, with the herbs that it all tasted so vibrant and spring like, as we sat with warm sunshine pouring through the windows.
Spring seems to be well and truly here, with the skylarks singing early in the morning…fingers crossed it stays with us for a while.