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Welcome to my personal web site and blog. Some areas of the site still aren’t as complete as I would like them to be, but slowly but surely it will get there. There just never seem to be enough hours in the day and when I do snatch some minutes, I seldom get the desire to get on my computer as Maya, my gorgeous thirteen year old daughter is far too alluring! 

Please feel free to 'drop-by' to the site whenever you like. You can also come and see me in my practices which I run in Marylebone, London and Leicester, if you want my help sorting out a health problem. I treat a wide variety of medical conditions, from those that affect your digestion, heart, mind, weight or hormones, as well as supporting and treating patients with dementia and cancer, working alongside eminent Oncologists, Neurologists and Surgeons.

 I also love seeing people who just want some inspiration as to how to eat well and deliciously to maximise their wellbeing and/or to improve their performance-having built up a strong reputation amongst Film Studios, actors, professional athletes and sports professionals for the past two decades.

I believe everyone is unique and I therefore treat you as an individual, taking into consideration all aspects of your health and lifestyle. 

If you can't make it to my practices, you might want to arrange a skype or telephone consultation( see more info on the practice page) or look at my just-launched paperback book NOURISH or past articles on the Daily Mail, London Times and Observer websites for health and nutritional advice. More details of my other books can be found on the books section on this site. 

Wild February winds and delicious roasted tomato soup
cant believe it’s almost February-how quickly this month has flown by. Talking of things flying by, my walks across the fields of a morning, in these wild January winds have been incredibly bracing, which I love, as the sun rises creating many a pink sky. The winds make me feel alive, especially therapeutic in these dark mornings, which are thankfully slowly starting to disappear and the light is able to find us earlier.
This weekend I’m planning to walk for hours with Maya to catch up on stories from school and her plans for her show jumping this season, so I’ve cooked ahead and filled the fridge with jars of home made soup, so that we can straight away warm up with a giant mug of something filling. The tomatoes have been slowly roasted in the lower part of the Aga, for hours, alongside bay and rosemary, to bring out their sweetness, then simply blended after they’ve been cooked with carrots, shallots and celery, within a home made chicken stock, to make a scrumptious, not too filling puree.
Tomato soup…an all time favourite on it’s own, or made a touch more decadent with a drizzle of cream, topped with finely chopped fresh chives-needing only crusty home made wholegrain dunked in it!